Welcome to Prachinet.com

PrachiNet.com is established in 1999 at Moradabad.

Motive’s of Establishment
Establishment was a motive to serve a very vast Moradabad Handicrafts’ Export Industry. By mean of solving their Computer problems of day to day ?

Computer / Server Maintenance

On Annual Maintenance Contract basis – AMC

Maintenance of Computer / Server on Annually Contract base (Hardware & Software):

  • We have expert guys to maintain the systems on software & Hardware – as well as chip level repair.
  • Data Security is the first preference – by maintaining the regular data backup, provide virus protection

Accidently Lost Data, May also be recover!

Web Solutions

  • Inter-active Web Desiging – Static & Dynamics
  • Web Hosting & Promotion on very economicaly & cost effective.
  • Domain Registration
  • E-mailing Solution with high bandwidthSearch Engine
  • Optimization with latest Webceo technology

E-Commerce Solutions

On-Line Shopping Sites

  • On line Marketing with shopping Cart / online Payment management systems
  • Yellow Pages / Classified Advertisement System
  • Matrimonial Sites
  • Real Estate Sites