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Comparison of different versions of Counter Strike

Let’s look at a very interesting question that concerns so many people starting to play Counter Strike and, of course, who can not choose one version of the game, namely:

  • Counter Strike: Source;
  • Counter Strike 1.6;
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

As for the last game on the list, you can choose the best CSGO case and use them to get even more fun out of the game.

Counter Strike 1.6 version

And we will start with the version that is older – CS 1.6. Let’s look at all the positive qualities of the game:

  1. The game Counter Strike 1.6 has stiff physics, which means – easier to control weapons, and accordingly the experience of the game is also gained in less time on it;
  2. More popular among the circle of people who are called true fans, and in general this is harder, because the basis of players have remained in it, without switching to a new version;
  3. The game is less resistant to installing a variety of configurations, which in some way also simplifies the workability and gameplay of the game.

What are the disadvantages of the game?

  • A lot of different mods for the game, and among them – a lot of unfinished, which complicates your choice between them. A user who wants to download 1.6 after a few unsuccessful attempts, ceases to make efforts to install the game;
  • Graphics do not match today’s technology, which is natural for this game, since it was released only in the summer of 2002;
  • Weaker protection against the use of cheats, which is a major problem in the game on all servers;
  • Physically unrealistic game maps; CS 1.6 has standard maps, which released the creators that are literally shot through, and you can just kill the enemy by accident (for which, by the way your activity can be blocked on suspicion of using cheats);
  • Poor implementation of physics, weapons balance. That is, for their use or block activity on the server, or they can not get at all.

Counter Strike: Source

Well, it is our turn to look at the pros and cons of the new CounterStrike: Source game. To begin with, just like in the previous version, we will talk about the positive qualities:

  1. A more powerful engine than 1.6, which means the game controls are more realistic.
  2. A few levels more improved graphics;
  3. Almost maximally increased implementation of the physics of weapons and killing, although the killings were worth a little more work, of course, not as in life, but gave more realism than in 1.6.

Now let’s talk about the shortcomings of the game and what it lacks:

  • Still not implemented waiting for all the realistic physics of killing opponents.
  • Now there are fewer places to hide in 1.6, and it has made it harder to play in a team game (mostly);
  • Switching from CS 1.6 to Source is quite difficult because of the very different physics, but it somehow made the difference in keeping 1.6 popular, as a certain number of people still went back to the old, beloved version;
  • Sometimes, the body of an enemy or even an ally can get stuck somewhere, while incomprehensibly moving, already dead.

CS: Global Offensive version

Let’s continue our examination with Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The main task of the developers was this: to restore the old atmosphere of cooperative games, that is, the interaction of teams. The game has turned out to be more modern and exciting. After its release, almost all players switched to this version. You can also buy the best case to open in csgo to improve gameplay and achieve more serious results. It’s the best option at the moment, so there’s no point in thinking long and hard about which version of the game to choose.