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Description of Trenabol 100

Trenabol 100 has become one of the most popular steroid drugs, most often used in big sports. The steroid has a powerful anabolic and androgenic effect, thanks to which it promotes rapid muscle building and an increase in basic strength indicators. It was originally used exclusively in veterinary medicine with the aim of increasing the appetite of livestock and a significant increase in weight. In the modern world, it is used by athletes who are professionally involved in sports that require a lot of physical activity and endurance.

Description of Trenabol 100

The form of the drug is 10 ml glass barrels. The main active ingredient is trenbolone acetate, the concentration of which reaches 100 mg / ml. The pharmaceutical company British D ragon Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the production of the drug . 

The drug is characterized by a short effect on the body with a rapid effect immediately after the injection. The maximum concentration of the drug substance in the blood is reached already half an hour after administration and lasts for a maximum of three days. Because of this, frequent use is required – daily or every two days. Information source:

It is impossible to buy Trenabol British Dragon in regular pharmacies or simple sports nutrition stores. If you want to use this particular steroid, you will have to seek help from online stores. The packaging of the drug has certain security codes that indicate the originality of the product. In order to avoid health problems and cause irreparable damage to the whole body, it is necessary to purchase the drug from trusted sellers who cooperate directly with the manufacturer. The price of Trenabol is within the expensive segment, which may serve as a sufficient basis for determining the original product.

It is necessary to store the barrel with the drug in a dark and dry place, at room temperature, out of the reach of children and pets.

Effects of taking Trenabol

How to take Trenabol British Dragon will be told by professional athletes who will ensure that the course of taking this drug will have the following positive effects:

  • increase in strength indicators;
  • an increase in muscle mass (it will become dry, high-quality, embossed);
  • due to the production of growth hormone, there is a significant decrease in the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • increased libido;
  • decrease in the production of the hormone cortisol.

Due to the rapid effect of the drug on the body, it is often used by experienced athletes immediately before participating in competitions, in order to increase muscle mass, give relief and vascularity , increase strength, speed and endurance.

How to use Trenabol

With a correct and well-organized course of taking the drug, you can achieve excellent results in all parameters, both in weight gain, drying, and in increasing the athlete’s main indicators. Therefore, there are several options for taking Trenabol – a solo course and a combination with other steroid drugs.

The main criterion for choosing the most suitable course and its combination is the individual characteristics of the athlete, the level of training and the desired goals. Also, financial capabilities play an important role. You can buy British Dragon Trenbolone Acetate in Canada together with several other drugs. The combined course of Trenabol with testosterone propionate and stanozolol is considered effective . In this case, the dosage regimen will be as follows – 50 mg of Trenabol every two days, testosterone – 100 mg every two days and stanozolol 40 mg daily.  

Another effective variant of the combination of Trenabol is the combination with turinabol and testosterone pripionate . In this case, the scheme is as follows – 75 mg of Trenabol every other day, testosterone – 100 mg every two days and turinabol – 40 mg every day. The duration of both courses should not exceed eight weeks.  

The solo course involves the injection of the drug intramuscularly at 50-100 mg every two days. The frequency is due to the rapid and not long-term effects of the drug on the body. The duration of the course is also a full eight weeks.

Contraindications to the use of Trenabol

Reviews of Trenabol 100 indicate that it is a powerful steroid drug, the use of which requires strict adherence to all recommendations, dosages, duration and frequency, together with strict adherence to the diet, sleep, and training process. Therefore, its use is not recommended for novice athletes, as well as as a first course of steroids.

In women’s sports, Trenabol is also not popular due to the fact that it can provoke the development of the effect of virilization. The consequences of the viril syndrome are manifested in a coarsening of the voice, increased work of the sebaceous glands, a change in the proportions of the body and face in the male pattern, and increased hair growth.

Post cycle therapy

Taking steroid drugs requires mandatory post-cycle restorative therapy. After the course of Trenabol , therapy begins 2-3 days after the last injection, drugs that can bring the entire body of the athlete in order and adjust the hormonal background will be toremifene and clomid . Recovery with tamoxifen is impossible, as this type will increase the side effects. Full details on the link:

Trenabol side effects

Despite the fact that Trenabol is considered a safe steroid, reviews of British Dragon Trenobol acetate indicate that the manifestation of side effects after taking is possible. More often this situation occurs after the manifestation of initiative and independence in choosing the dosage and duration of the course. In this case, the athlete can expect:

  • sleep disturbance;
  • aggression;
  • acne ;
  • baldness;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • increased skin oiliness.