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How To Choose a Best Hosting Location For Your Website?

It is always recommended that you host your websites and applications closest to your target audience. The latency can be a deal breaker for a potential customer especially for application use cases involving frequent access to a database.

It’s your call to make sure that your business is not losing revenue because of your choice of hosting location!

The data centers have to be located nearest to the user base you are serving to achieve low latency. The distance between the end user and data center does have a tangible effect on latency.

For example, If you are doing forex trading, you should transact from the nearest location Forex VPS to your vendor’s trading server. The lowest latency gives you a direct advantage of faster processing and loading time.

If you have the option of choosing a hosting a server on the New Jersy of the USA or in India, which hosting server location should you choose?

The answer is quite straightforward. Choose the hosting location closest to your target audience!

To qualify for a “blazingly fast” connection, the industry standard is 10 ms or better.

How To Determine Your Target Audience?

  • If you already have a website, just quickly review your Google Analytics to know from where you have the highest traffic coming.
  • If your website is new, have some quick research on your user demographics and make a better decision by choice of the nearest location.

How To Determine Which Datacenter Is Near To Me?

Accuweb Hosting has now made it easy for you to choose your nearest hosting location. We have developed the Test ping tool which will quickly find the nearest datacenter to you.

Just click on the “Test Ping” on any product on our website and our test ping tool will immediately find the nearest location to you.