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The secrets of finding new followers on Instagram

If you want to get new followers quickly, you can use the service But if you want to get a targeted audience that will interact with your account, then we recommend that you study the materials in this article.


Respond to comments under posts, respond to all direct messages. For most followers, blogger or store is some distant universe, if his message was replied to, the user becomes 100 times more loyal and more likely to subscribe. Yes, and activity will increase, which will lead to the publication in the top.


Today, stories are much more in demand and interesting to readers than posts. Add at least 5 stories a day and try to keep them varied. Have active dialogues with subscribers, such as through questions, polls, games, etc.

Mention in social networks

Actively post the Instagram link on other social media, write about the account and encourage followers to go there. Also, mention the profile link in the comments of other posts. This will attract an audience. Create intrigue in the publication, spell out the benefits users can get if they go to your instagram and subscribe.

Promo Post

The ultimate selling post is not to say “Buy it! Buy it!” head-on to everyone, but to do it as delicately as possible. So that your followers don’t even notice that you’re selling them something. In fact, it’s not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is use certain schemes and tricks.

Giveaways and marathons

The method is not free, you will have to spend money on a gift in the end.  Make it one of the conditions to mark profiles in the comments, other users will also want to participate and subscribe to you. But don’t be surprised at the mass unsubscription after the drawing is over. After all, if you don’t get new subscribers interested in your profile, they’ll leave the account when they find out the results.


Ask your followers to repost your posts in your stories.  Only specify what to write to entice the audience from another page, for example, somehow interesting to present the main idea. But remember, reposting doesn’t mean anything yet, if the post is not useful and uninteresting, the user is unlikely to want to read others and subscribe.

Advertising from bloggers

Another popular way to promote – ordering advertising from bloggers. Nowadays the format of native advertising is popular, when a blogger doesn’t directly tell about you, but reposts some of your publications, or leaves something like a feedback post where he mentions your profile. The blogger’s subscribers rely on his authority and go to said account. And, of course, with a high probability they will subscribe. For accurate results, discuss with the blogger the terms of cooperation and pitch in advance.And before you start advertising, be sure to ask for the blogger’s actual statistics and check his account.

Mailing by base

If you already have a small base of clients, then make a mailing on it with a link to your Instagram on messengers or mail.  Keep in mind that the main task – to attract people, not just bore customers, so in addition to the link letter should contain something interesting.

Targeted advertising

Many people are afraid of this method, and after seeing an advertising office on facebook, they panic. But it’s not so scary, and it’s definitely worth taking a look. Such advertising is a useful tool that allows you to specifically target an audience that may be interested in your product or profile. Using this tool you certainly won’t get cheap instagram followers, but you can count on an interested audience.