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Ways to gain followers on Instagram

If you want to gain your first followers but don’t have a big marketing budget, there are great ways. You can get great results using these tools. You can buy instagram followers and boost your account status, and the following tips will help you improve your performance on a minimal budget or even for free.

Use all kinds of content

Don’t limit yourself to just posts for your feed and stories. Use all formats:

  • feed posts;
  • stories;
  • IGTV;
  • Reels;
  • masks;
  • marketplace;
  • guides.

All users have their favorite types of content, and the more variety in your profile, the wider your circle of subscribers will be.

Don’t forget about captions

The train of meaningless photos without captions is long gone. People like to read and think. You don’t have to write long stories about your life under every post. Sometimes you can confine yourself to 2-3 sentences, and if you even add a question at the end, you’ll get a good wave of comments (if you have a loyal audience).

Tag other accounts in the photo

Going to the new coffee shop around the corner? Great, post a cool photo and tag the location in the photo. Simply put, whatever you do, whatever you do, and whatever place you visit, be sure to tag all the brands that went along with the event captured in the photo. It’s a simple way to get the company’s followers to like you.

Motivate and inspire

Do you know why Influencers are so popular? They make people hope they can do it too. Their stories inspire and keep them moving forward. You can also show your audience expertise in a niche. Put up helpful posts, share tips, talk about your experiences and mistakes.

Develop an engaging visual

Yes, content is king, but without a pretty picture, people won’t even look into what the post says. Uniform color space, collages, subject photos, low contrast and a real lack of processing (graininess, smeared elements, glare and bokeh) are the main visual trends of 2021.


User-generated content is a cool (and free) addition to basic promotion tools. If someone posts a review about you, don’t forget to repost it.

The main advantages of UGC:

  1. infinity and self-renewability of photos;
  2. native content;
  3. language understandable to users;
  4. coverage of a new audience (followers of the one who mentioned the brand + other hashtags).

Post entertaining content

Even if you post super-serious and useful content, it’s still no reason to give up humor. Just remember an important rule: it must be appropriate and correct. Topical memes, jokes, funny videos, or pictures never hurt anyone.

Ask to be bookmarked

Instagram’s algorithms take into account the number of bookmarked posts to promote your newsfeed. Share your interesting insights with users. Statistically, recipes, exercises, photo processing instructions, travel itineraries, and diets are the most common saves.

Free methods will help you gain about 2,000 followers instagram in just a few months, but in order to scale the result, you’ll have to resort to paid tools (advertising from bloggers, targeting and so on).