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What are the benefits of Trestolon?

A trestolone is an anabolic that produces gains with low fluid retention and at a significant rate. With this in mind, you can expect noticeable initial gains as well as increases in blood flow and muscle volume. In one course of Trestolone, you can gain from 4 to 5 kg, which is quite significant, since these increases will be dry and without water retention, that is, they will not be lost after the end of the course, as with other anabolic steroids.

Another very interesting effect of Trestolone is the feeling of well being caused by it. It prevents the production of an amino acid called kainate, which is cited as one of the causes of Alzheimer’s. This most likely facilitates the onset of synapses, as well as a sense of well-being.     

Another benefit is increased strength during a cycle. However, we have to say that these benefits will not be as powerful as with other anabolic steroids such as oxymetholone, dianabol or even nandrolone.     

Directly trestolon does not help to burn fat, especially since it does not bind strongly to the androgen receptor. However, I explain that the increase in muscle mass combined with the increase in basal metabolic rate causes your body to naturally consume more energy, and this can go a long way in contributing to the eventual reduction (elimination of fat). 

Are there any side effects when using Trestolon?

SARMs don’t have as many side effects as synthetic steroids, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have unwanted effects on the body.

Trestolone will affect liver enzymes and you need to use some type of hepatoprotector (medicines that protect the liver) during your cycle, such as TUDCA. In addition, a good diet is essential to reduce this damage.  Source:  

On the other hand, this substance does not cause hair loss, prostate cancer, acne, and other androgenic effects, as well as does not have the ability to significantly increase the level of estrogen in the body.

In order , to side effects were low, as mentioned above, it is always important to comply with dosage and use them gradually fulfill their cycles, always keeping a good CPT ( post-cycle therapy). 

How is Trestolon used?

The recommended starting dose is around 20-50 mg per day, but it’s always interesting that you can always start with the lowest dose possible, especially if you are already using other substances.

Trestolone’s starter courses should last an average of 6-8 weeks, and you can also use it along with anabolic steroids if you are cycling.

Trestolone (like most SARMs) is not injected, but orally. That is, you will not draw liquid into a syringe and inject it into your body, but you will use a dropper, drip the drops into your mouth and swallow the liquid.

How to travel with Trestolon ?

The use of Trestolone individually can bring good results for those who do not expect much or do not require much. For those who want a significant increase in muscle mass with low fluid retention and with muscles that will persist after the cycle, Trestolone alone will not be able to provide such results.

Above, we see that the use of this SARM allows you to gain up to 5 kg of muscle mass. But 5kg is very little for the risks of collateral they can bring, isn’t it?

Thus, ideally, you should combine Trestolone with other SARMs or other synthetic anabolic steroids. And the best way to do this effectively and risk-free is to seek help from qualified professionals who know what they are doing. 

Ricardo is one of the greatest experts in Brazil when it comes to increasing muscle mass with drugs and anabolic steroids. And he has a program called Giants’ Formula, in which he explains in detail the use of steroids, showing you how to do it right, how to avoid side effects and maximize the positive effects.

Should you use Trestolon?

If you are a person looking to avoid stings or synthetic anabolic steroids, use some SARMs like trestolone, they can be good options in this case, especially for those looking for denser and drier (but easier) gains.  

It is important to always follow the protocols for use and be careful if you intend to mix it with other substances. Remember that while it is not an anabolic, SARM itself can be seen as one of the factors affecting your body, so you also need proper care to avoid its side effects.