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Services that provide the most popular cryptocurrency cards

If you have decided to get a cryptocurrency card, then you need to choose it responsibly. There is no perfect and universal option here, so you need to consider different options and choose the one that is right for you and for your goals. To find the best offer for yourself, let’s look at what services that do this for us.


This service works with the following currencies:

  • dollars,
  • euros,
  • pounds sterling.

The commission for payment at POS-terminals is not charged. When cashing out funds, you will need to pay an additional 1% of the amount to the service. Monthly service costs: $ 1/€ 1/£1. Currency conversion within the system will cost you 3% of the amount. To order this cryptocurrency card you’ll have to pay $15. More information on

It is suitable for European bitcoin users. It uses euros as the main currency to make payments. This cryptocurrency card is provided by Wavecrest Holdings Ltd and Mychoice. Here you have two options to choose from: 1) a plastic cryptocurrency card, and 2) an electronic version of the card.

You can use them for their intended purpose wherever Visa accepts payment. However, there is also a 0.5% fee for each transaction. If you decide to cash out bitcoins via debit card using an ATM, you will also have to pay a 2.25 euro fee for this service. Making purchases through POS-terminals, then such payments do not require any additional fees in the form of commissions. The cost of buying a plastic card is €8 and a virtual card €2. 

Spectrocoin Visa

These cryptocurrency cards are issued by Mychoice. You can add funds to your card in three currencies:

  • euro;
  • dollar;
  • pound sterling.

There is no fee for replenishing funds. You can buy a plastic cryptocurrency card that you can hold in your hands for € 8.00. Its virtual counterpart will cost much cheaper – € 0.50. You will have to pay a monthly service fee of € 1.00 per month. Withdrawing money from an ATM will incur a fee of € 3.50.


This service works with MasterCard payment system. The cryptocurrency card works with two currencies: dollars and bitcoins. There is no fee for withdrawal, as well as for service. If you want to cash out your money at an ATM, you must pay a fee of $ 2. The cost of currency conversion within the system is the most expensive in comparison with other services. You will have to pay from 6% to 8% for this service depending on the transaction amount.

If you’re looking for a reliable option to buy a bank card, use Here you can get the best solution for your situation.


This system works with the Visa payment system. The cryptocurrencies used are USD and BTC. You should pay attention to the absence of any commission on the following operations:

  • topping up the balance of the cryptocurrency card;
  • service;
  • POS-terminals payment;
  • card issue or reissue.

As for cashing out using an ATM, there is already a fee, which is $ 3. If you want to convert one currency to another, there is an additional fee of 3% of the converted amount.