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Effective Instagram account development

Promoting a business on Instagram has become a pressing need. And it is not surprising, the growth of users of the social network continues. In the application are registered celebrities who previously did not appear in principle in the public space of the Internet. Small brands and regional companies have also long since settled on the most popular photo network. Despite the competition, Instagram is still the leader in advertising integrations. Let’s figure out how to build up subscribers and get clients from Instagram if you don’t use the buy instagram followers service.

Brand collaborations with opinion leaders

Native and not so, advertising in posts and stories Instagram-stars is still the most popular method of promotion. You can also add to this method such a technique of audience exchange as joint live broadcasts – this is often done by bloggers among themselves. The market and the role of micro-influencers on Instagram is also growing. Increasingly, brands are turning to local opinion leaders with a small subscription base and good engagement. Unlike millionaire bloggers, their conversations under their posts are not as cluttered. In addition, the price tags are much more modest – and some micro bloggers have coverage comparable to large accounts, just look closely at the statistics.


In addition to brand mentions, all sorts of draws from bloggers and celebrities remain relevant: most often these are named giveaways and contests in comments to posts. But the developers of Instagram made it clear – the mechanics with subscriptions to sponsors are officially forbidden. Medium-sized Influencers, as well as small ones, still somehow “slip through” the moderators of the social network, but it becomes more difficult for celebrities.


There is a growing popularity of working with bloggers on the CPA model. The advantage for businesses in this approach becomes payment for specific targeted actions and the ease of fixing the results. Payment for link registrations, purchases and leads. However, many bloggers are in no hurry to sign up for such work, which is most likely due to the use of all kinds of tools. If a blogger refuses to work according to this model, it makes sense to carefully analyze his account and check the quality of the audience before buying placement.

Situational marketing

Reliable as a rock, situational marketing is still a favorite for free viral promotion. The versatility of the method saves any niche. The main thing to keep in mind: the possible conflict of interest and positioning of your company. That’s why you need to choose your information as carefully as possible. 

Targeting without deep links

Targeted advertising as a source of constant traffic does not lose its relevance. Easy to set up to promote posts to increase engagement through the Facebook Ads Center – even newbies can do it. Excellent opportunity to target users who respond to your products in the Instagram shop (if tagged), useful for online stores. 


Augmented AR reality is becoming commonplace. Meanwhile, bloggers and brands continue to build coverage with creative masks. High conversions in subscriptions and sales have not yet been recorded, but no one has canceled the coverage and virality – it’s just up to you and your imagination. It’s enough to use insights from your target audience to make a sought-after product in your Instagram stories.

If you want to develop your Instagram account, it makes sense to buy 500 instagram followers first and keep actively publishing content. From there, you’ll have more opportunities.