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What you need to know about Mortal Kombat 11

The release of Mortal Kombat in 2011 was a turning point for the series. And it’s not even the case that NetherRealm actually resurrected a fighting game from the dead. More importantly, the MK 9, while remaining as fun and brutal, took a confident step towards eSports. The MK X continued in this direction, even if it was for the sake of it, and had to go for dubious innovations like a style system for fans. And only with Mortal Kombat 11, it seems that the developers finally created the game they had been dreaming about for years. You can explore it here.

Features of Mortal Kombat 11

A single campaign for many is the main reason to buy the game. NetherRealm for the past year proves that it creates the best single modes in fighting games, and MK 11 is no exception. At the same time, the scheme is extremely simple – for 12 chapters we spend half the time playing for some hero (sometimes give two to choose from, as in Injustice 2), half – watching incredible beauty and staging the video. Unreal Engine 3 produces only individual slightly blurred textures, otherwise everything is at its best. It is safe to say that MK 11 is the most visually impressive fighting game of our time.

But you should not expect from the plot of incredible revelations. It is still on the level of development is somewhere at the level of category B films, but filmed with Hollywood budgets. Some situations look as exhausted as possible, and some dialogues are impossible to listen to without laughter. It is desirable to go through the campaign with your friends, then a lot of fun is guaranteed.

Another thing is that MK 11 does not need an unnecessarily complex plot full of unexpected twists, with a competent composition and filigree direction. Its task is to provide a context for the battles, to give a sense of morality and to entertain where without it. And with all these tasks the game copes with the hurrah. Now it’s only a matter of time before all the scenes will be cut into one big and colorful movie and posted on YouTube.

And yet the evolution in the dramaturgy of the MK 11 is noticeable. The ninth part worked in many respects because of nostalgia for the original trilogy, the tenth part with variable success revealed the themes of formation of the team of beginners and succession of generations, and the eleventh is already trying to tell about everything at once.

And by “trying” should be understood “copying cliches, stamps and moves from the widest range of works of art. Family values, the confrontation between man and machine, the cyclical nature of history, loyalty to duty, forced sacrifices – in this kaleidoscope of emotions it is difficult to highlight the red thread on which the story twists. But because of this confusion, what happens is only more exciting.

Strong moments and interesting thoughts do jump and achieve the desired effect. This is logical, because when so many ideas are borrowed, some of them are sure to be applied correctly. And the collision of characters from different time lines creates many funny situations. But the main achievement of the plot of MK 11 is that it ends when the storylines started, it seems, in the original 1992.

But even despite the efforts invested in the plot, it is still only a small part of the game. Passing it and with a sense of accomplishment by removing MK 11, you will lose hundreds of hours of content. A single campaign is needed only for a brief acquaintance with the features and characters. There are enough newcomers in the growth, and some old acquaintances are now played quite differently.

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